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Daniel Barnekow

Some Projects

OverlapMaps A great teaching tool.

Cooking Up Some History Because kids love to eat.

Actual Size Books Delightful full-scale drawings for children of all ages.

Sunflower Education Exceptional books for teachers and homeschoolers.

Amazing World Records “Romantic Knowledge” to teach early adolescents.

AustinMoonlight Because our Moonlight Towers Keep Austin Weird.


Home: Austin, Texas, USA, y'all.

Pride: my wife the talented graphic designer; my daughter the award-winning French teacher; her husband the dedicated LBJ School scholar; my other daughter, the brilliant Harvard Law School student

Education: Undergraduate—Texas A&M University-Commerce; Graduate—Syracuse University-Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs

Fun: reading, mountain biking, traveling

Antidote: cicadas, a beer, a gravel road

Values: family, education, individuality, independence, community, meliorism, the world nature intended—and a sense of humor about it all

Texas: They Got Big Long Roads Out There

Why Educational Publishing

Because I respect knowledge and learning.

Because I respect children, parents, and teachers.

Because teachers, parents, and kids(!) email to thank me for my work.

Because educational publishing attracts diverse and interesting people.

Because I can work from anywhere and maximize family and travel time.

Because I get to research and write about a great variety of subjects.

Because I get to be a tiny tributary that feeds into the great stream that is the advancement of Western Civilization.

Mostly: Because I get to help the kiddos out.