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Daniel Barnekow

Some Online Projects

OverlapMaps A great teaching tool.

CookingUpSomeHistory Because kids love to eat.

ActualSizeBooks Delightful full-scale drawings for children of all ages.

SunflowerEducation Exceptional books for teachers and homeschoolers.

WorldRecordsBooks “Romantic Knowledge” to teach early adolescents.

AustinMoonlight Because our Moonlight Towers Keep Austin Weird.


Home: Austin, Texas, USA, y'all.

Pride: my wife the talented graphic designer; my daughter the award-winning French teacher; her husband the dedicated LBJ School scholar; my other daughter, the brilliant Harvard Law School student

Education: Undergraduate—Texas A&M University-Commerce; Graduate—Syracuse University-Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs

Fun: reading, mountain biking, traveling

Antidote: cicadas, a beer, a gravel road

Values: family, education, individuality, independence, community, meliorism, the world nature intended—and a sense of humor about it all

Texas: They Got Big Long Roads Out There

Why Educational Publishing

Because I respect knowledge and learning.

Because I respect children, parents, and teachers.

Because teachers, parents, and kids(!) email to thank me for my work.

Because educational publishing attracts diverse and interesting people.

Because I can work from anywhere and maximize family and travel time.

Because I get to research and write about a great variety of subjects.

Because I get to be a tiny tributary that feeds into the great stream that is the advancement of Western Civilization.

Mostly: Because I get to help the kiddoes out.